Gone are the Public Relation Exposure Methods of old

Celebrities manage their online presence in quite a different way from the last decade. In this modern age, the search engine Google is a strong presenter of many top rated celebrities. Celebrities used to go through the process of seeking fans and exposure by use of the Television (TV), Radio, and Newspaper.


The above-mentioned methods are now not the only contenders for Public Relation (PR) exposure.

PR exposure by use of Google is fast becoming the industry standard. When a celebrity is recognized by Google in a high web page ranking the exposure can be viral. Viral means that the web page receives many tens of thousands of views. The exposure from this type of views is very profitable for the celebrity. Like in the old days where people said, “A picture says a thousand words”, viral web page views can mean millions of new fans.

Celebrities need to be popular:

Popularity is king when it comes to Celebrity success. Success can only be achieved when the Celebrity ha exposure and demand. Demand comes from fans. Fans can only like or recognize the celebrity from viewing, reading, and seeing. Celebrities must utilize the services of reputable PR firms to get the desired results. Google with its enormous following of users is the best contender for a web page ranking and exposure When you look on the World Wide Web (WWW), the WWW is generally monopolized by Google. Google has paid its dues and became the king of content and PR presence providers.


Celebrities to gain popularity need a constant stream of new fans to like their talents. Talents of a celebrity can be outstanding but when there is no promotion there are no sales. As with any type of Business, item, or skill no sales equal failure. Failure with Google and a strong PR firm almost always guaranty success. Celebrities with talent are often launched into a much brighter career when incorporating PR representation along with TV, Radio and other means of exposure Like anything in this world you must always strike while the iron is hot. The before mentioned saying is very true. When a celebrity is at their peak of exposure keeping the popularity rolling is king. Google can really be an asset in the Celebrity’s arsenal of PR skills.

The importance of using Google and PR firms:

There is a saying that if your sick and you were a doctor to never treat yourself Treating yourself could result in many complications. The biased and unresolved methods of treatment might not be arrived at with clear thinking. The same is true when promoting a celebrity’s stardom. Stardom should always utilize a very qualified PR firm. Most PR firms use Google as their primary search engine provider.

One last word:

It is highly recommended that all PR firms considered for use by any Celebrity inquire if the PR firm has new updated knowledge of Google and its formulas for web page ranking. This is a vital key concept. BrightPast is an online reputation management and PR firm dealing with Google web page rankings for celebrity websites utilizing the most up-to-date techniques.